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Pre-Auditions Interview: KOD Korea

with Nelson (Popping Judge)

KOD: How do you feel about KOD going on it’s first Worldcup Tour?

I mean, it’s amazing. I’m really excited about it all because I think this is the first time we have a competition like this with big, big, big judges and opportunities for dancers to be really respected for their dance. The [HipHop] scene needs these type of big events, so me it’s really important to the HipHop community. More than just dancers, but for the whole HipHop community.

KOD: What are your expectations for the upcoming Korea Preliminaries?

Nelson: Korea’s level is really high; we know that already. Even for me, being a Popper, I know that Korean Poppers are some of the best in the world. I’m really expecting nice connection between the dancers, nice choreo, a lot of creativity and originality. I mean, for me, it’s gonna be one of the best stops on the KOD World Tour because Korea has a really high level when it comes to dance.

KOD: What would you like to see for the future of KOD?

Nelson: I think it can be the biggest competition, for real. I think it can be a real, real big opportunity for dancers all over the world. It’s amazing that KOD can organize this tour all over the world. I really hope it’ll be the biggest competition because we need it. We need this type of new style of competition. So, I hope it’s gonna be good and get more, and more, and more big.